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Learn how to slow and reverse Age-related Functional Decline. We bring you the latest strategies to optimize senior health and fitness into advanced age. The time to start is now; the place to start is here.

We continually research the latest science to formulate practical strategies applicable to the goal of optimizing the aging process; letting us live longer, healthier lives, free of disease and pain into advanced age. We think life is precious and far more enjoyable and productive when we are in good health. Yes we all get old and die, but our thinking is that Later is Better.

Some humans are born with better genes and/or gene expression, but the science shows that nutrition (what and how often we eat), sunlight, physical activity (exercise or work), thinking patterns and sleep quality powerfully affect our state of health and fitness. To this we add that supplements abound today that can make up for many of the changes that naturally result from aging. There are practical life-style patterns we can adopt to promote optimal health, and we lay them out on these pages.

Take the tour – How to best use our site; Find what you want to know faster. Then act on the knowledge; you can improve health and fitness at any age by using the strategies on these pages.

We recommend only products and suppliers we use; Life Extension Foundation is second to none for understanding the science of optimal aging and life-long health – Frank’s favorite supplier and info source. Likewise, A1 Supplements has one of the best inventories of supplements for nutrition, bodybuilding and general health at very good prices. Hard to beat!


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